Splints and Orthotics

Fully Customised Orthotics

Our bespoke orthotics are made from a co-polymer carbon which is ultra-durable, offering a blend of functional control and dynamic flexibility resulting in a shell flex under loading while remaining semi rigid under normal load. A solution to the most demanding fashion shoe is here in our fashion fit orthotic.

We have a huge range of different devices from the classic to the summer and winter sports activities.

Carbon Resin Classic


This standard device is universally popular and is available in 3/4, sulcus or full length, the Classic device has a high density heel as standard, which can be removed. Being a different density to the shell this heel offers instant shock attenuation at heel strike.

The standard heel cup depth is the deep heel cup, but option for shallow and extra deep heel cup are also available.


Heel Pain

A condition specific device made using the Carbon milled shell whilst retaining all the functional properties of the Classic device.

However, a hole is milled into the heel and filled with low density material and then covered. This provides a well of low pressure just over the Calcaneus to re-distribute pressure away from the fat pad.


Slim Fit

The businessman and woman now at last have a device that will offer the level of control they need and you demand with a bulk level that will fit into the most exacting footwear.

Made using the thinnest carbon shell and covered in the thinnest leatherette in a matt black, this device disappears in every style of business shoe. As a practitioner, however you are not limited by this unique design.

All the usual control can be added to this device, with sulcus and full length options available.


Fashion Fit

A device that fits into even the most demanding fashion shoes. A flat heeled carbon shell covered in a thin leatherette as standard, this device comes in 3/4 or sulcus length, so no space is taken in the toe box.

Any of the required additions can be added to the device and because the device is full width you do not lose control as you do with a cobra device.



A device for the active foot, this orthotic has at its core a carbon shell which following milling has medium density poron added under the device to add a high level of shock attenuation.

Placing the poron here will not increase bulk of the device or make them too hot to wear. This device is great for the patient working on hard surfaces or in safety boots.


Ultra Impact

With a carbon fibre core this device has our unique EVA shock bar embedded into a poron layer.

This is added to the device once it has been milled and has the effect of giving huge stability and shock attenuation properties whilst reducing some of the flexibility of the shell.

Non and Semi-bespoke range


First Steps Sport

The First Steps Sport is an EVA insole with hind foot control, a deep heel cup and comes with a met dome as standard.

The research behind this orthotic is the same as the research that started the D3D™ revolution. With a high level of control, an ultra-high level of durability, water repellent and the ability to resist odour, what more could a sports device offer?

A device linked directly to the D3D™ device this EVA orthotic is aimed at the sporting person and is available in medium and high density. These come in three arch heights and two different densities (blue = medium and red)

Adult Sizes: 2-14 (UK)
3 Arch Profile: F (Low Arch), FN (Medium arch) N (High Arch)
Semi-Bespoke: Available with up to 4 corrections at the semi-bespoke price point.


First Steps Sport Pro

The First Steps Sports Pro device offers an ultimate blend of control and comfort made of an ultra-hard wearing EVA with extra deep heel cup to really control and support the sporting foot.

The entire device is made on a racing last, giving a narrow shank so it will fit effortlessly into sporting shoes. The forefoot has vents pre-cut to ensure good air circulation in the toe box.

Adult Sizes: 6-11 (UK)
1 Arch Profile: Medium arch


First Steps Daily

The First Steps Daily is a device aimed at all walks of life, with all the demands all shoes place on the feet.

These fantastic orthotics are constructed out of polypropylene and covered with 2mm thick poron padding and in a black faux leather and can be ordered in full length.

The device offers, as a standard 2 degrees of rear foot motion control and a 1st and 5th met head cut-out to allow normal forefoot function.

Adult Sizes: 2-14 (UK)
2 Arch Profile: F (Low Arch), N (High Arch)
Semi-Bespoke: Available with up to 4 corrections at the semi-bespoke price point


First Steps Daily Plus

The First Steps Daily Plus is a device constructed out of a Polypropylene shell and covered in a black leather like material.
A cushioning material has been added in the heel area to off load pressure and has an additional metatarsal dome as standard. The semi rigid shell offers excellent mid-foot support and is a good all-rounder, fitting into even the tightest of shoes.

Adult Sizes: 2-11 (UK)
1 Arch Profile: Medium arch
Semi-Bespoke: Available with up to 4 corrections at the semi-bespoke price point.


Very First Control

The Very First Control insole gives more control and stability to a small child.

This is achieved by the high medial and lateral flanges with a nice deep heel cup and good mid-foot support.

Made from a medium density EVA with felt like top cover.

Children’s Sizes: K8-UK2
1 Arch Profile: FN (Medium arch)
Semi-Bespoke: Available with up to 4 corrections at the semi-bespoke price point.


Orthotics for Sports

A range of devices based on the outstanding qualities of our orthotics, fused with sport specific demands of your chosen sport.
Each of the orthotics has different properties related directly to the sport for which they have been designed. This allows us to prescribe, with confidence that you are getting a great carbon fibre device.


Using a polycarbon shell these devices are made to offer on toe shock absorption with great mid-foot control. The flex point is located slightly more distally to allow great rearfoot stability. As a standard this device also incorporates a Plantar Metatarsal Pad supporting the 2nd to 5th metatarsal.



Made on an RS carbon shell as a full-length device or 3/4 length. The heel is made of dual density materials; hard EVA on the medial (inside) aspect of the heel and soft EVA on the lateral (outer) side. The soft EVA on the (outer) lateral border attenuates shock while the hard EVA on the medial (inside) border will slow or stop the pronatory moment.



Made from highly durable but flexible carbon fibre, this device is particularly well suited to the high impact work in a gym setting. The arch has been partly filled with low density material to offer great shock attenuation value whilst not increasing in-shoe heat as the padding is kept below the shell. The heel has a dual density support which can be tailored to your needs.



Using a RS carbon shell, which has been filled under the arch then covered with thin poron top, under an elite fab top cover. This device is aimed at high impact sports such as basketball and badminton. The device offers maximum shock attenuation whilst not increasing the heat in the footwear.



The most demanding footwear in sport today, the football boot is often worn too tight with little regard to the condition of the foot inside. This device has been thinned into the shank and is made of a flexible polypropylene, thus allowing good control while conforming to the needs of the player. Covered in a wear and water-resistant EVA this device really does offer a great compromise between form and function.



Using the same rationale as the football orthotic and made to sit well within the rugby boot, this device is aimed at the heavier, more muscular body shape often found in this physical sport.

Padding has been increased under the device to allow pressure redistribution and reduce medial instability under the most testing of conditions. Placed below the level of the shell this will not precipitate sweating, or unnecessary bulk within the boot and the shell is made of carbon fibre.



The unique demands of this sport require a truly special device. The shell is constructed from low density polypropylene and is shanked down to fit well inside the cycle cleat. The control here is located distally as the rider spends most of the time ‘on toe’. The heel control if needed is added intrinsically as no EVA heel is added to this device to ensure no additional bulk is taken up.



A device made to work with the unique pressures and movements that a golf swing places on the feet and legs. Working to allow the natural contra-lateral foot movement, essential in the golf swing, this is just the start of this device’s design characteristics. Made on a flexible polypropylene shell with a poron arch infill to increase shock attenuation without bulk and a shallow heel cup to ensure that the foot is not raised up too much in the heel of the shoe. This eliminates the risk of blisters forming.